Who Are Your Childhood Heroes?

One thing that I enjoy doing with Everyman Gaming products is making sure to follow through with things I've created, provided that they get a warm reception. I don't like doing a "one and done" approach primarily because I never only have a single thought or a single take on a given concept or idea. Take, for instance, August's Everyman Options: Paranormal Classes. Its predecessor, Paranormal Adventures, was popular and I knew that I had a LOT more to say about paranormal character options because Paranormal Adventures didn't have many that weren't for the shapeshifter and vessel base classes. But even building on that, there was more that I wanted to say and do with the shapeshifter and vessel. So I grabbed author Matt Morris and the two of us got to work on making those additional options happened. Options tied to the existing product that were ultimately their own thing.

Currently, I'm in a similar place with Childhood Adventures. Like Paranormal Adventures, Childhood Adventures was popular—popular enough to warrant some more options being devised for it. But I didn't want to do, "Kid archetypes," and "Kid options." I avoided that in Childhood Adventures because I think that its sort of demeaning when you say, "Option X is for characters of age category Y only." It sets a bad tone for what kind of characters the product's for, and for what characters of different ages can look and act like. So instead, I decided that I wanted the Childhood Adventures tie-in to be themed around our childhoods—childhood characters and heroes that we've grown up with but are unsupported in Pathfinder. My current idea for the project is called Everyman Options: Childhood Heroes, and I'm hoping to release it early on in 2017.

But I'm running into a problem with Childhood Heroes, and that's one simple factor—I recognize that our childhoods are all different. There are regional differences, generational differences, and more. How can I possibly get a good variety of childhood heroes to build for this product when I've only really got access to Eastern American ideas. So I decided to head to the Paizo forums and start a thread, asking people, "Who are your childhood heroes?"

Childhood Adventures is pretty far off still, but I'd appreciate it if you'd offer your thoughts on the subject—you can do so either by commenting on this post, below, or by going to the link provided to Paizo.com and sharing your thoughts on the thread I've created. So what do you say? Wanna make some heroes with Everyman Gaming?