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Partner Companies


Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games is a small third-party publisher, supporting mostly Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds, but also ICONS, Savage Worlds, and Call of Cthulhu. Titles range from small one page products called #1 with a Bullet Point that list a few new themed items, feats, or spells, to Gingerbread Kaiju, an edible family board game.

Owen K.C. Stephens (Managing Partner)

Game designer, developer, and publisher, Owen has worked for Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf, and now for both Paizo and Green Ronin. He’s worked on projects such as the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, the Black Company, Song of Ice and Fire, and Thieves World, as well as various titles for the d20 Modern, EverQuest, Gamma World, and Golarion game worlds.

Stan! (Consigliere) 

Stan! is the award-winning author of 2 novels, 15 short stories, more than 60 gaming products, and innumerable cartoons and comics. He is currently employed by Wizards of the Coast as an editor and project manager. In times past, he has been an Associate Art Director for West End Games, an Editor and Game Designer for TSR, Inc., a Senior Designer and Producer for Wizards of the Coast, and a Creative Content Manager for Upper Deck Entertainment. Stan! is a founding member of The Game Mechanics, Inc. and Rogue Genius Games. He has done freelance writing and design for companies ranging from Green Ronin and Malhavoc Press, to Viz Media and Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Lj Stephens (Hobbit Sauron)

Lj is the art director, graphic designer, layout artist, chief financial officer, webmaster, and Unquestioned Tyrant (and cook) of Rogue Genius Games. Her first professional RPG work was a series of illustrations for the Diomin campaign setting in 2000, and she has done illustration and / or layout work for OtherWorld Creations, Rogue Genius Games, and Rite Publishing.


Everyman Freelancers


BJ Hensley

BJ Hensley is the founder of Playground Adventures, she is a fan of family togetherness and is dedicated to ensuring that both her family and others have creative outlets they can share together. When she isn’t hard at work furthering the goals of PGA she can be found working with a variety of other publishing companies as an editor, author, marketing adviser, Kickstarter manager, website/layout designer, and occasional artist/cartographer. Her most recent projects beyond PGA include work for Adventure a Week, Frog God, Kobold Press, Rogue Genius, Rite, Legendary, and she is the Director of Marketing at Lone Wolf Development.  At home she spends a great deal of time with her family playing games, attending sporting events, and participating in group art projects.


Andrew and Monica Marlowe (aka Marlowe House)

Marlowe House is currently comprised of Andrew and Monica Marlowe.

Andrew started freelance writing in 2012 after placing in the Top 16 of Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest the first time. When he placed in the Top 16 again in 2014, his freelancing career was already well underway. Andrew has been gaming for more than 30 years.

Monica began freelance writing career under duress after losing her sanity check when she entered Paizo’s 2015 RPG Superstar contest and winning. She is well known for her stubbornness. Monica has been gaming several decades, but clearly lives outside the mundane timeline of this plane.

Marlowe House was established in 2015 when Andrew and Monica realized that at times they write both separate and together and wanted to acknowledge that collaborative work. As well, they like to acknowledge their luck at having such a fantastic surname to write under while giving their gaming children an opportunity to grow into the family business.


Matt Morris

Matt Morris is a high school English teacher from Philadelphia who has made an amazing group of friends playing Pathfinder. Since earning a spot in the Top 32 of the 2015 RPG Superstar Contest, Matt has published work in several venues, including Wayfinder and Outland Entertainment’s Villain Codex series. In his work with Everyman Gaming, Matt has been grateful to explore his interest in creating new mechanics and player options while working with an amazing group of collaborators.

An avid Pathfinder player since being introduced to tabletop RPGs several years ago at his local game store, Matt has always loved games of all sorts, from board games to CCGs to Ultimate Frisbee. When not writing, playing PFS, or grading papers, he spends his time hanging out with his family and teaching games to his kids, who are seven and nine.


Everyman Artists


Shoshi Bauer

Shoshanna Bauer aka Shoshie to her gaming friends paints custom painted miniatures for gaming and collecting. Inquire on commissions via private message. Shoshie received her BA in Studio-art from Eastern Illinois University. She became a full time professional Watercolorist in 2006 selling Paintings, Cards and Prints to galleries and online.

In 2013 she received her Reaper Bones 1 Kickstarter rewards which jumpstarted her obsession with miniature painting into a full time career. She was further encouraged when she won awards at Privateer Press's P3 Grandmaster Painting competition and Best in Show at Con on the Cob in 2014. Following Gen Con she made the decision to switch gears entirely from Fine Art to Miniature and Figure painting.

She has taken classes from Rhonda Bender, Lyn Stahl, Meg Maples, Kirill Zharnov, Caleb Wissenbeck, Joe Ortez, Elizabeth Beckley, Michael Proctor, Aaron Lovejoy, Michael Proctor, Kirill Kanaev, Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish, Angel Giraldes, Marike Reimer, Matt DiPietro, Patrick Kieth, David Diamondstone and Alfosno Giraldez and looks forward to improving her craft and attending more cons and workshops in the future.


Jacob E. Blackmon

Jacob Blackmon was born in California, where he studied art – which is to say, he read a lot of comics and RPG game books and created art based on the things he loved. He now lives in Oklahoma (for some reason) and spends even more time drawing, playing games, and watching movies to fuel his addled imagination.

Jacob has worked as a freelance artist for over ten years, working with companies such as Fainting Goat Games, Misfit Studios, Rite Publishing, and Rogue Genius Games. He had dipped his toes in writing with the sourcebooks ‘Lunar Knights’ and the ‘Super Powered Bestiary.’ When not illustrating game books or writing, Jacob spends his time drawing paper figures for his home RPG campaigns; currently numbering in the thousands.


Brett Neufeld

Brett Neufeld is an up-and-coming fantasy artist house in Winnipeg, Manitoba who specializes in board games and tabletop RPGs. 


Everyman Editors


Robert N. Emerson

Robert Emerson resides in a half-buried warren of rooms heated by volcanic activity in a rural part of Southern Oregon. When he is not helping defend townsfolk against robber barons and predators, he finds time to enjoy science fiction and fantasy, as well as freelance roleplaying game design and development.

An avid, lifelong gamer for over thirty-five years, he's been a freelancer for over fifteen of those years. He's freelanced both as a designer and a developer, across several systems and settings. At heart, he's a rabid generalist with a gaming library whose stacks show his enthusiasm for the hobby. 


Julian Neale

Julian is a long-time RPG fan who has run and played in many games and game systems over the years, and likes writing game material for fun. He has written, contributed to, or edited dozens of RPG books for companies including AdventureAWeek, Everyman Games, Legendary Games, Paizo, Purple Duck Games, Raging Swan Press, amongst others. He lives in the UK.