Racial Prestige: Kyubi Paragon

5 of 5 Stars + Seal of Approval from Endzeitgeist!

By Alexander Augunas

Make sure those magical tails aren’t just for show with Racial Prestige: Kyubi Paragon! Within, you’ll find:

  • The Kyubi Scion, an all-new 10 level prestige class available to any kitsune character. This prestige class features the aligned class mechanic, allowing any character to gain new powers while still progressing the powers of their original class.
  • Three embodiments that allow you to customize your paragon powers: magic, might, or skill!
  • Kyubi tricks, all-new powers available to all kitsune that enable them to mirror their race’s mythological origins like never before.
  • Player options old and new that are compatible with the kyubi scion class.
  • And much more!

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Endzeitgeist Says:

Alexander Augunas’ kyubi paragon is AMAZING. A) It is feasible for all types of character. B) It represents the iconic trickster style of the kyuubi no kitsune better than any other take on the trope I have seen so far and c), it does so while also providing a distinct and rewarding resource-management mechanic. In short: If there were more PrCs of this caliber, they wouldn’t have such a bad rep. The balancing is also rather precise, with the limited resources putting hard and sensible, but not crippling caps on the most potent of tricks available. In short: 5 Stars + seal of approval, given sans hesitation.

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