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Everyman Adventures

Embark on wild, out-of-this-world adventures laced with Everyman Gaming's trademark style and creativity! Everyman Adventures are designed for Pathfinder RPG characters, but can be adapted to any d20 RPG system.


Wield Everyman Gaming's iconic characters like never before using Everyman Iconics products! Each Everyman Iconics product focuses on a specific, providing her backstory and character level progression, character options, stat blocks (for GMs), and pregenerated characters (for players).


Get all the greatness of Everyman Gaming's Pathfinder products in bite-sized form with Everyman Minis! Each Everyman Minis features a thousand words of all-new content, all centered around a single theme or class. Topics include new creatures, class options, GM qualities, and more!

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Everyman Options

Build characters like never before using the innovation options found in Everyman Options products! Each Everyman Options product tackles a specific class (such as "swashbucklers") or theme (such as "Paranormal Classes") and includes a variety of content.

EVERYMAN Unchained

Unchain your game with Everyman Unchained products! Drawing inspiration from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's unchained rules, these products provide players and GMs with everything they need to cast off the shackles of older iterations of the game to play in their world, their way.

Racial Prestige: Kyubi Paragon

Put your magical tails to work with an all-new prestige class designed specifically for kitsune characters! The kyubi paragon makes attaining all eight Magical Tail feats easier than ever before and includes new feats, class options, and even an entirely new character option called kyubi tricks, which allow kitsune characters to access magical options from myth and legend!


Skill Challenge Handbook

Challenge your players like never before in the Skill Challenge Handbook! Combining over ten years of improvements and innovations to how skills function in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the Skill Challenge Handbook creates an in-depth system for handling a variety of skill-based encounters, from heroic encounters like traversing mazes or infiltrating a noble court, to more mundane affairs like playing baseball or babysitting.


Dynastic Races Compendium

Play characters heralding from races of history and mystery in the Dynastic Races Compendium, for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! In this hefty tome, you'll find an unmatched amount of lore and character options for the four dynastic races: the wily kitsune, the stoic nagaji, the mysterious samsarans, and the elusive wayangs.


Corruption Codex

Sired by an all-star team of authors, the Corruption Codex takes corruption to the next level by introducing four new corruptions, a host of new feats and magic items to support corrupted characters of all ilk, new magic items, monsters, and more. Whether you're a player looking to embrace the darkness, or a GM looking to introduce a corrupted NPC into your campaign, the Corruption Codex has what you need to make every corruption a memorable experience!


Ultimate Occult

Unleash the forgotten powers of psionics, adapted for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's psychic magic rules! Play as the re-imagined psion or psychic warrior base classes, or unlock the masteries of the all-new mentalist base class. Ultimate Occult also includes over a hundred classic psionic powers reimagined as psychic spells, new archetypes for psychic classes that capture the feel of classic psionic classes, and more!


Childhood Adventures

Explore new sites, battle powerful foes, and find fantastic treasures all before bedtime using Childhood Adventures, by Everyman Gaming, LLC. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Childhood Adventures helps players and GMs tell fantastic tales featuring young characters.


Ultimate Charisma

Command, Conquer, Control! Raise armies, expand your reputation, and secure victory over your foes using Ultimate Charisma, by Everyman Gaming, LLC. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Ultimate Charisma gives GMs and players all the tools they need to put their charisma to the test as they recruit a legion of followers, exercise their leadership skills, master a variety of psychological maneuvers, and build lasting reputations and relationships to last a lifetime.


Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirant

Help your drow reach a new level of prestige with Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirant! Included within is a new prestige class for drow characters, the noble aspirant. Suitable for characters of all classes and origins, becoming a noble aspirant is often the ultimate goal for most lowborn drow, as through advancing in this prestige class they slowly unlock the powers of their nobler kin, claiming their birthright as masters of their race! 


Microsized Adventures

Cut your players down to size with Microsized Adventures, by Everyman Gaming, LLC. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying GameMicrosized Adventures gives GMs and players alike the tools they need to create adventures and campaigns from an ant’s point of view, whether the PCs want to mount an ant, scale a dog, or boldly flee from a lumbering toddler.


Dragon Companion Handbook

Rally draconic might to your cause with the Dragon Companion Handbook! From the designer who brought you the Pact Magic Unbound series and Know Direction's Guidance, the Dragon Companion Handbook gives even low-level characters the resources they need to use dragons as effective cohorts and companions.