What's New With Everyman Gaming, 3/2017

Avast ye, scallywags! Ye best be buyin' me product this week!

Avast ye, scallywags! Ye best be buyin' me product this week!

As February closes, Everyman Gaming returns with more all-new products! As you know, we still have one more product left for the month of February (this week's Everyman Minis: Gnoll Options), but that doesn't mean that there's no cause for looking ahead! 

Coming in March 2017, new Everyman Minis and ... a surprise? Check out our new offerings below!

If you're me, then you probably know one too many players who LOVE to make the argument, "Well the rules don't SAY anything bad happens to me for staying up forever, so I do it!" Well, no longer! Everyman Minis: Sleeping Rules provides you with sanity-based rules, new spells, and new sleeping conditions (like mild drowsiness) for use in your campaign!

One of the most COMMON requests that I head for Everyman Gaming is, "New brawler stuff!" So wait no longer, Everyman Minis: Brawler Archetypes is here. Packed with three new archetypes based on real-world fighting techniques, you can use your brawler like never before with Everyman Minis: Brawler Archetypes

11 EMM Mysteries of Spring.png

Sure winter is lovely, but March ushers in the season of springtime in the northern hemisphere, so we've got an all-new Everyman Mini for you themed around the wonders of springtime. Everyman Minis: Mysteries of Spring includes an all-new oracle mystery themed around spring themes like youth, growth, and renewal!

It comes from beyond the stars! Inspired by one of the ultimate fantasy video game classics, Everyman Minis: Malborgoroth introduces a horrific new monster from an alien world. Born from flumphs twisted by the malice of the Great Old Ones, malborgoroths are based known for their "wretched breath," which is capable of poisoning their prey's very existence.

Part of our 2016 Dynastic Races Compendium Kickstarter was a rather unorthodox Everyman Gaming product—the Dynastic Races Coloring Book! We figured that our backers were super generous and trusting to give us their hard-earned money in advance to help us fund the Dynastic Races Compendium, so we wanted to make sure that we "gave back" the art to our backers, in a sense. After we distribute the Dynastic Races Coloring Book PDF to our backers (which should happen Late February to early March), we're also planning on making the PDF (as well as a print version of the coloring book) widely available.

So if coloring books are your thing, let us know! Everyman Gaming has tons of fantastic art that would be perfect for coloring books, assuming people are interested.

Whelp, that's it for now—new announcements lurk on the horizons, however! Expect another blog post before long telling you about even more cool things that Everyman Gaming will be doing soon. Because with Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

Alex Augunas