What's New with Everyman Gaming — February 2017 Edition

Hello, Everyman Gaming fans!

January's almost at its end, and its brought one of the most exciting months Everyman Gaming has ever had with it. So far, it looks like our new Everyman Minis line has proven popular, and to those of you who've become a fan of the minis cool content and high-quality writing, I am pleased to report that you have new Everyman Minis to look forward throughout February, as well as one surprise product (or, at least its a surprise if you haven't checked out our Facebook group.)

In any event, I'm here today to tell you what's new with Everyman Gaming!

5 EMM Kumiho.png

The kumiho is a monster that we've hinted at several times throughout Everyman Gaming products, going all the way back to the Kitsune Compendium. Soon, GMs will be able to unleash these terrifyingly powerful, CR 23 monsters on their PCs. Although the kumiho excels at enchantments and illusions, it would be foolish to think that this creature couldn't put up one heck of a fight!

Its February, and love is in the air! What's the deal with all this love? Well, ask the oracle! The Passion Mystery is a new oracle mystery that centers around charm, romance, and lust, benefiting allies just as often as it hampers foes.

6 EMM Mysteries of Passion.png

7 EMM Deific Passengers.png

The vessel class, heralding from Paranormal Adventures, has proven to be an instant favorite among Everyman Gaming fans for its evocative imagery and concept. And now, just when you thought you were carrying enough planar baggage on your soul,  the gods themselves have decided they want a piece of your succulent, mortal body! Watch out, outsiders, the gods have arrived!

Why should fancy new options like alternate racial traits be just for PC races? Using Pathfinder's race building rules, we've taken the statistics for 0-Hit Die gnolls and crafted some all-new alternate racial traits (as well as two new racial feats) for gnoll characters to enjoy. All gnolls don't have to be statistically the same—spice them up with Everyman Minis: Gnoll Options!

8 EMM Gholl Options.png


If you follow Everyman Gaming on Facebook (and if you don't, please do!) then you likely know of a recent announcement that our friends and partners at Imagine 3D Miniatures made. In celebration of January's Dynastic Races Compendium, Everyman Gaming and Imagine 3D Miniatures teamed up to create an all-new kitsune miniature based off of one of our backers' Patreon characters. I'm happy to announce the first-ever (as far as I know, anyway) commercially-available nine-tailed kitsune miniature—Taka'shi Tomoshiba! Taka'shi is available NOW for purchase, and expect to see him crop up more in the future as Everyman Gaming expands the history and lore of nine-tailed kitsune!

And that about covers everything that you have to look forward to from Everyman Gaming LLC in February! While the Everyman Minis are being produced, I'm still working away at Grad School and the Skill Challenge Handbook, which is on a strict, "When its done" time table. I'm also working on "Ultimate Charisma tracking sheets" for the near future, which are basically paper sheets you can add to your character sheets to track some of the most complicated bits of Ultimate Charisma, like cohorts and reputations.

Before signing out, I just want to say a quick thank you to all of our fans—without you, Everyman Gaming couldn't exist! Take care!

Alex Augunas, Everyman Gaming LLC