Something Corrupt This Way Comes

Releasing in early October in 2016, Everyman Gaming and Rogue Genius Games are proud to introduce their section joint product—the Corruption Codex, Volume 1. Moving forward, we're hoping to make the Corruption Codex an ongoing product line that we eventually pull together into a larger book called the Corruption Compendium, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's talk a bit about the futures of the first volume of the Corruption Codex.

Each volume of the Corruption Codex will be roughly 20 pages long (though future volumes may be longer if volume 1 proves popular). The Corruption Codex will introduce four new corruptions and one "innovation," a section designed to radically alter the way corruptions are used in your game. Volume 1's corruptions are Alien-Blighted, Devolved, Fungal, and Kaiju (featuring the Macrosized Character rules from Microsized Adventures), and its innovations include new feats designed to help characters weather the perils of being corrupted and new magic items that interact specifically with corruptions, be it embracing them or purging them.

We're adding two new freelancer faces to the Everyman Gaming lineup alongside Alex Augunas, the Everyman Gamer himself, to help us make Corruption Codex 1 (and any subsequent issues of the Corruption Codex we create) a reality. Pathfinder fans will likely recognize these names—Isabelle Lee, Paizo freelancer and major contributor to the Aethera Campaign Setting, and N. Jolly, the legendary mind behind the runaway success that is the Kineticists of Polymorpha line. Jacob Blackmon returns with all-new art for the line as well, which features iconic characters both hero and villain being helplessly corrupted by the corruptions at work in the Corruption Codex.

All three authors have some pretty wicked ideas for corruptions and innovations if the Corruption Codex proves popular. Isabelle Lee has been practically cackling at the opportunity to create an entire slew of corruptions based around the fiendish races (kytons in particular), while N Jolly has been furiously scribbling notes in his journal while muttering something about a "corrupted" base class. Alex Augunas, on the other hand, has been downright giddy with his prototypes for corruption templates, a system he claims will allow GMs to retrofit corruptions with new rules in new and exciting ways.

Corruption looms in distance, my friends. Why bother fleeing from it when you could embrace it! Embrace it and all the wonderful power it has to offer you—you need only pay the price....

Macrosized Adventures gone horribly, horribly wrong!