Announcing the Everyman Gaming Bundle

Thank you, one and all!

Its no secret that Everyman Gaming had one of its best years ever this past year. From going rogue with Rogue Genius Games, to successfully funding a Kickstarter, to winning the #5 spot on Endzeitgeist's Top 10 of 2016, to a continued trend of high praise and high reviews from our customers, we at Everyman Gaming (as well as our partners with Rogue Genius Games) have a lot to be thankful for.

So in order to thank you, our fans who made this fantastic year possible, Rogue Genius Games and Everyman Gaming LLC are happy to announce that we've teamed up yet again to bring you the best bundle we could: The Everygiving Bundle.

The Everygiving Bundle has literally every Everyman Gaming product that we've currently listed. And because our fans have asked Rogue Genius Games to allow us to include it, we've also added Ultimate Occult into the fray as well! Nearly $200.00 of PDFs can be yours this Thanksgiving for only $25.08.

So thank us for thanking you by snagging up the Everygiving Bundle! But hurry—like a home-cooked turkey dinner, this deal won't last long!