Announcing the First-Ever Everyman Miniatures!

Remember back in September how we were getting Shoshie Bauer to paint our Kyr'shin miniature? Well, as you can see in the header above, Shoshie's finished and the miniature looks absolutely stunning.

Better still, I'm pleased to report that the first Everyman Miniature, Kyr'shin Yilenzo, is available for purchase at Imagine 3D Miniature's own website! The miniature is a high-quality 3D printed miniature that's printed in Black Acrylate, a high-definition plastic that captures all of the miniature's fantastic details and quality. The miniature is SO in-depth that if you felt like counting Kyr'shin's toes, you could. (Not sure WHY you'd want to count his toes, though! I'd much rather paint him myself.)

You can check out our product page for the Kyr'shin Mini below. The product page also includes a gallery of photographs and a short video clip, all of which showcase the majesty of this miniature.

We're looking forward to making additional miniatures with Imagine 3D Miniatures if this line proves popular, so if you want to see other Everyman Iconics like Shira, Drake, Chaiki, or Turquoise show up as miniatures, don't delay! Head on over now!

Alex Augunas

Everyman Gaming LLC