5 of 5 Stars + Seal of Approval from Endzeitgeist!

Corruption Codex

By Alexander Augunas, N. Jolly, and Isabelle Lee

Corruption Calls to You!

From the freelancers who worked on beloved Pathfinder products such as the Aethera Campaign Setting, the Kineticists of Polyphra series, Microsized Adventures, and Ultimate Charisma comes the Corruption Codex, an expansion to the corruption rules featured in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Horror Adventures. Corruption Codex features the following all-new content:

  • Four all-new corruptions: devolution, fungal, kaiju, and voidspawn.
  • Two pages of new feats that allow corrupted players to fight for their salvation, making it easier for them to resist their corruption’s taint, or embrace their corruption’s darkness, improving the gifts of their corruption while making resisting its stain all the more difficult. Each corruption also features a stat block of an Everyman Iconic that has succumbed to its corruption, granting it a manifestation level of 9th.
  • Two pages of magic items that enable players to use means to rid themselves of corruption, though often with a terrible price.
  • A bestiary section that includes a new simple corruption template for each corruption, plus an all-new creature: the voidspawn drone.
  • A section outlining the character options used in the Corruption Codex
  • And so much more!

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!


ARMR Studios Says:

"Finally a kaiju corruption! Leave it to third party publishers to pick up Paizo’s slack! And Rogue Genius Games deliver! This thing is awesome!"

Endzeitgeist Says:

Alexander Augunas, N. Jolly and Isabelle Lee deliver big time in this cool supplement – the corruptions have unique angles, worthwhile gifts and twisted stains. The supplemental material is similarly qualitatively high and the items sport some cool angles as well. Each of the corruptions has the ability and potential to carry an adventure or series of modules and plentiful character concepts. The Kaiju corruption should find its fans even in the hardcore fantasy crowd that doesn’t like horror, while the devolution corruption just begs to be used in the context of pulp games. In short: This pdf is most assuredly useful and amazing beyond the confines of its thematic focus – and what more can you ask of such a book? I most certainly want more/a sequel! This is well worth 5 stars + seal of approval.


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