July 2018

SF046 More Alien Feats.png

Star Log.EM-046: More Alien Feats

Enhance your alien characters to the next level with the newest Star Log product by Everyman Gaming, Star Log.EM-046: More Alien Feats! Penned by the esteemed David N. Ross, Star Log.EM-046 introduces over ten all-new feats for characters of Alien Archive renowned. Also included is a brief overview of Enigmalice, an entity believed to be active across Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting by conspiracy theorists.

SF045 Glynwyrians.png

Star Log.EM-045: Glynwyrians

Find a new friend who’ll cure what ails you in Everyman Gaming’s newest Starfinder product, Star Log.EM-045: Glynwyrians. Penned by the astonishing Crystal Malarsky, Star Log.EM-045 introduces an all-new race for use in your Starfinder adventures, the glynwyrians. Possessing a mystic horn comprised entirely of a rare element, the glynwyrians are able to product fantastic healing effects both for themselves and others. Included within this product is everything you need to play a glynwyrian character: racial traits, physical description, society, and more. Also included are rules for making glynwyrian NPCs, integration with Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, a new feat allowing any glynwyrian to become an outstanding healer, and more!

SF044 InsaneCorp's Sinisterly Superb Cybernetics.png

Star Log.EM-044: InsaneCorp’s Sinisterly Superb Cybernetics

HELLO THERE MORTALS! Tired of your ordinary, everyday offerings from Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series? Well have I, Doctor Malifaord Hudson Insano, President of InsaneCorp, have a special treat for you! Working in conjunction with Everyman Gaming, we at InsaneCorp have conspired to bring you several sinisterly superb cybernetics! Upgrade that drab tail of yours with full cybernetic prehensility, transform your android into a stunning cybernetic facsimile of nearly any species imaginable, chill your already fearless vesk blood with our state-of-the-art blood chiller, interface with computers with a touch with our cybernetic hand series of gears, or upgrade your ysoki cheek pouches with a grenade launcher, my personal favorite!

InsaneCorp—A newer, better, INSANER you!

SF043 Zodiac Solarian Revelations.png

Star Log.EM-043: Zodiac Solarian Revelations

When you're a solarian, the stars hold ALL the answers! Nowhere is this more true than in this week's Star Star.EM document: Zodiac Solarian Revelations! Written by the esteemed David N. Ross, this file provides 12 all-new solarian revelations themed around 12 storied constellations in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting, each designed to become more powerful as you become more attuned to your stellar mode.

Don't hesitate, reach for the stars today!