September 2018


Star Log.EM-054: Formian Options

Working for the glory of the queens or showing interest in donning an excellent suit of personally-grown chitin? Everyman Gaming's got the product for you in this week's Star Log, Star Log.EM-054: Formian Options! Penned by fan-favorite up-and-comer Jacob McKiernan, this new product introduces a new archetype for formian characters as well as over ten all-new formian feats, including an option to expand your telepathy, assume a formian caste, and more. Characters of all races might enjoy the new Fists of Fusion feat, which allows characters to apply weapon fusions to their unarmed strikes! And if that wasn't enough, you can even learn all about the formians and their ancient colonies in Rogue Genius Games's Xa-Osoro System.

SLEM053 Combat Feats.png

Star Log.EM-053: Combat Feats

Fight like never before using Everyman Gaming's newest Star Log product, Star Log.EM-053: Combat Feats! Containing over a dozen new combat feats for characters of all races and classes, this new product allows you to follow after foes that you bull rush, threaten enemies in combat with a firearm, Cleave enemies in a broader arc when you Lunge, and more! If your Starfinder character plans to participate in battle, then pick up a copy of Star Log.EM-053 and enhance your battling prowess today!

SLEM052 Borai Options.png

Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options

Get down with your dead self using Everyman Gaming’s newest Starfinder product, Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options! The borai are a race of animated corpses that possess a sliver of their mortal souls, and are known to arise from botched resurrections and stubborn personalities. This product adds options that allow players to build borais from over two dozen new races, from barathus to skittermanders, kitsune to vishkanya, and even esoteric races like astrazoans and strixes. Also included is a new borai paragon archetype, four new borai feats, and a new spell that allows the caster to raise corpses into new borai.