August 2018 

SF051 Weapon Fusions.png

Star Log.EM-051: Weapon Fusions

Brandish weapons with all-new magical powers using Everyman Gaming’s latest Starfinder mini, Star Log.EM-051: Weapon Fusions. Penned by the great David N. Ross, Star Log.EM-051 includes over six new weapon fusions that are themed around making every attack count, even when they miss. New fusions within this product allow your cryo weapons to leave the ground slick and slippery, sonic weapons to deafen the target of their attacks, kinetic weapons to harry enemies, nanites to heal broken weapons, and more!

SF050 Temporal Thing.png

Star Log.EM-050: Temporal Thing

Fourth-dimensional beings displaced from time itself have arrived in Everyman Gaming’s newest Star Log, Star Log.EM-050: Temporal Things! This product provides GMs with two stat blocks of horrible, time-rending aberrations known as temporal things that possess the ability to wreck havoc upon the aging processes of their foes. To supplement this unique power, this product also features two brand-new spells for Starfinder that make using of Star Log.Deluxe: Aging Rules by Everyman Gaming: alter age and baleful alter age.

SF049 Dragonkin Options-01.png

Star Log.EM-049: Dragonkin Options

Outfit your dragonkin character with out-of-this-world abilities using Star Log.EM-049: Dragonkin Options! Penned by the esteemed Jacob McKiernan, this all-new product by Everyman Gaming LLC includes a new archetype for dragonkin characters, over ten new feats that expand upon the dragonkin’s presence and partner bond, information tying dragonkin to Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, and more.

SF048 Rougarou-01.png

Star Log.EM-048: Rougarous

Have a howling good time with your next PC by making them a member of the latest legacy race that’s been updated to the far future by Everyman Gaming: the rougarou! Outfitted with all-new racial traits and flavor perfect for Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, Star Log.EM-048 has everything you need to play a shapeshifting wolf folk in your next campaign! Racial traits? Check. Flavor? Check. A new feat for rougarou characters looking for better shapechanging? Check. NPC rules? Check.

Everything you need to play the goodest boy, girl, or anything in between is here: just add adventure!

SF047 Xaursi.png

Star Log.EM-047: Xaursi

Hark! An owlfolk! But watch out, because that's no ordinary owlfolk! That's a xaursi, penned by Hilary Murphy Moon and subject of Everyman Gaming's newest Star Log product, Star Log.EM-047: Xaursi! In this product you'll meet the xaursi, a race of avian humanoids native to lost Azan from Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting with the ability to ignite their feathers into a dazzling display of laser lights. Included within is everything you'll need to play a xaursi character in your Starfinder campaign: racial traits, an NPC graft, a new feat, and more!