December 2017

SF018 Msvokas.png

Star Log.EM-018: Msvokas

"What do you mean, 'My character is radioactive?!'" Find out by snagging this all-new PC race by Everyman Gaming, the msvokas! Hailing from a metallic world with precious little organic life to snack on, the msvokas are a race of humanoid avian-like aliens with tentacled faces who've adapted to dine entirely on radioactive isotopes, and 'rebirth' themselves annual to cleanse their bodies of the toxins. Included are racial traits and even a new feat so you can be radioactive too! 

SF017 Gnolls.png

Star Log.EM-017: Gnolls

What's everyone's favorite fuzzy, lovable, cruel-as-all-heck critter? Gnolls! And with Star Log.EM-018: Gnolls you can bring these cankerous canines to the far future for the first time! Within you'll find a complete Everyman Gaming-style write-up for this race, as well as racial traits for playing a gnoll and feats so you can be the gnolliest gnoll in the gnollervise! 

SF016 Stellar Revelations.png

Star Log.EM-016: Stellar Revelations

Take to the stars with Everyman Gaming's latest Star Log product! Solarians are mysterious warriors of tomorrow, drawing their strange and wondrous powers from the very lifecycles of the stars themselves. Included within this product are a dozen new stellar revelations for solarians to pick from, allowing them crush an enemy's armor with cosmic weight, engulf plasma weapons with the lifeblood of the stars, and more!