January 2018

SF020 Ganzi.png

Star Log.EM-020: Ganzi

Want to play a PC who's infused with primordial chaos? Then Star Log.EM-020's ganzi race might be the race for you! This installment of the fan-favorite Star Log.EM line includes racial traits for the ganzi races, as well as several new feats and everything you need to know to use ganzi PCs in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting! Don't wait, embrace the chaos within today!

SF019 Alien Racial Feats.png

Star Log.EM-019: Alien Racial Feats

Outfit your aliens like never before with Star Log.EM-019: Alien Racial Feats! This collection of over a dozen new feats allows characters like haans, nuars, formians, and more to unlock exciting new powers and abilities possessed by more formidable versions of their kin. Also included is a brief dossier depicting where someone living in the Xa-Osoro system could find several of these aliens going about their business.