Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirant

By Alexander Augunas

Help your drow reach a new level of prestige with Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirant! Within this product, you will find:

  • The Noble Aspirant, a new prestige class for drow characters that wish to seize the dark powers of their noble kin as their birthright.
  • The noble aspirant prestige class features the aligned class mechanic, which allows drow of virtually any class to take levels in this prestige class regardless of their base class.

Bring a bit of prestige back into your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with Racial Prestige: Noble Aspirants.

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Endzeitgeist Says:

On a meta-level, I really, really like what Alexander Augunas has done here – the creation of the aligned class terminology and its effects, the precision used to distinguish between the different abilities – all of this constitutes structuring elements I really, really like – for aspiring designers or homebrewing GMs, this page alone is worth the asking price. I also per se like the idea of racial PrCs that make classes stand out more and the trope of the drow noble fits perfectly. But still, ultimately, I wasn’t really blown away by the Noble Aspirant.
With the aligned class-progression as a concept, one obviously has a different balancing metric to go by and, conversely, the abilities granted by this class must still remain valid in combination with different base classes. And the PrC kind of succeeds here – but at the same time, this close adherence to the base-class ability-progression also means that the PrC itself simply doesn’t have that much of its own distinct identity – its focus on drow SPs may be kind of nice, but on its own, it is not a particularly distinct basic concept.
 At the same time, it does make the idea of a drow noble work in a new way – and one that probably is more compelling than a significant array of takes on the concept I’ve seen. In the end, this may not be perfect, but it is a nice, inexpensive pdf – well worth a final verdict of 4 stars

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