Pop Culture Catalog: Restaurants

Are your Starfinder characters tired of eating the same old meals from your starship's broken-down culinary synthesizer? Why not take a night out on the town with Everybody Games's newest installment in our fan-favorite Pop Culture Catalog line, Pop Culture Catalog: Restaurants!

Esteemed author George "Loki" Williams makes his Everybody Gaming debut in this fantastic tome, which offers 19 restaurants found throughout Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting and beyond, as well as four food-adjacent services, culinary traditions from over 20 races, new chef's gear, and plenty of fandom perks should your character decide to openly support one of these fantastic businesses. Why get cooking when you can get everyone gaming with Everybody Games?!


Pop Culture Catalog: Alcoholic Drinks

This week, Everyman Gaming's doing something we've NEVER done before: we're doing a follow-up to one of our fan-favorite Pop Culture Catalogs for the Starfinder RPG! Our fans made it VERY clear that they were extremely interested in the many vices of the Xa-Osoro System and beyond, and what better vice to expand upon than alcohol! This week's new product, Pop Culture Catalog: Alcoholic Drinks includes 30 all-new types of alcohol for players to use as drugs in the Starfinder RPG. This includes real-world liquors like vodka, gin, and sake, as well as several all-new sci-fii beverages, such as barathu vaporale, a vapor drink that you inhale through a bottle-shaped humidifier, and vurtlog, a vesk drink made from fermented meat! Also includes are eight alcohol producers complete with fandom perks that span the core races of the Xa-Osoro System!


Pop Culture Catalog: Infosphere Shows

It's nearly impossible to imagine a modern world without your favorite websites, and now thanks to rogue geniuses Owen K.C. Stephens and Alexander Augunas, you don't have to! Introducing the latest in Everyman Gaming's beloved Pop Culture Catalog series—Pop Culture Catalog: Infosphere Sites!

From streaming mogul Spaz to social media titan MyFace and more, Pop Culture Catalog: Infosphere Sites has everything that your campaign needs to feel like an up-to-date world! Also includes are new fandom perks for all nine spheresites detailed herein, as well as an indepth glossiere on the different types of infosphere sites in Rogue Genius Games' Xa-Osoro System and their function.


Pop Culture Catalog: Vice Dens

Explore your character’s personal vices with the latest installment in Everyman Gaming’s smash-hit Pop Culture Catalog series: Pop Culture Catalog: Vice Dens. It’s all there in the name, folks. Indulge in carnal pleasures, narcotic delights, forbidden fancies, and more! Included within are over a half-dozen establishments in Rogue Genius Games’ Blood Space Campaign Setting designed to satisfy your character’s vices, new rules for addictions and drugs, plenty of details regarding different vice-centric services, and more.


Pop Culture Catalog: Wellness Services

Take time to get the R&R your character deserves with the latest installment in Everyman Gaming's Pop Culture Catalog: Wellness Services! Within you'll find descriptions and costs for over a dozen wellness services, from different massage techniques to public bathing options, to cosmetic dentistry, body treatments, and more. In addition, over ten all-new businesses from Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting are featured within this product, such as the skittermander-run Re: Newfriend, the nuar-founded Wild Side Hygienics, the deathly Uramesh Ever After, and more. Whatever your character's preference, there's sure to be something to help them relax herein!


Pop Culture Catalog: Cruises and Resorts

Give your characters the much-needed vacation they deserve with Everyman Gaming’s newest entry in the hit Pop Culture Catalog series: Cruises and Resorts! Whether you sail the stars aboard a luxury cruiser like those of the Icon Cruise Company or the Jionshi-Wu, an ultranought-turned ultra-cruiser, or simply relax in a resort built on the fabulous Torvan Strip, the wondrous Dalton Whimsy World resorts, or the relaxing winter sports resorts of Worvenia, there’s a vacation for every PC in this catalog! For extra convenience, these cruises and resorts have been designed as locations in or around Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, but they remain broad enough that its simple to transfer them anywhere in the galaxy at large!


Pop Culture Catalog: Clothing

This holiday season, surprise your players with the greatest clothing credits can buy with Pop Culture Catalog: Clothing by Everyman Gaming LLC! Within you'll find ten of the galaxy's most popular clothing manufactures, in-depth information regarding the regalia of over twenty races (including many of those found in Starfinder Alien Archive and the Starfarer's Companion), and new rules for custom-designing your character's own outfits with plenty of unique properties!

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Pop Culture Catalog: Vidgames!

What’s the best thing for any weary soldier or tapped-out technomancer after a hard day of adventuring? Sitting down with your favorite vidgame console to play the latest vidgame titles, of course! In this installment of Everyman Gaming’s new Pop Culture Catalog series, you’ll be introduced to five of the galaxy’s most popular vidgame creators, as well as over a dozen vidgame titles to choose from. And that’s not all, because super fans might even find a few additional perks in this book for supporting their favorite vidgame franchises when using Everyman Gaming’s new fandom rules!