Occult Skill Guide: Dispelling Ritual


By Alexander Augunas

Unleash occult secrets penned in antiquity, long forgotten to the modern world into your Starfinder RPG campaign with Everybody Gaming’s new Occult Skill Guide series! From occultic rituals to terrifying corruptions, from powerful pacts and terrible corruptions, the Occult Skill Guide has what you need to bring the mysteries of the occult into the far-flung future!

This installment of the Occult Skill Guide introduces: the Rites of Shatterspell ritual, an occult ritual that can undo even the most deadly and powerful of spells. A relatively simple, low-level ritual to cast, the rites of shatterspell can remove powerful effects based on the skill of the ritualist. But even low-level ritualists can undo mighty effects…for a price.

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