Occult Skill Guide: Headbeast Corruption

Indulge yourself in Everybody Games’s strangest occult corruption yet with Occult Skill Guide: Headbeast Corruption! It’s all in the name here, folks; if your characters becomes afflicted with this corruption, their bodies wither until their heads appear to have their own miniature quadrupedal arms and legs—they’re headbeasts with jovial, airhead personalties resulting from all their organs and guts getting pushed into their heads, leaving no room room for brains. The product also comes with a primer on headbeasts and a sample stat block for one.


Occult Skill Guide: Dispelling Ritual

Okay, we at Everybody Gaming will admit it—we've done TERRIBLE things to your characters with our Occult Skill Guide line and we plan to do even MORE terrible things to them. So we should probably throw you a bone once and a while, right? Right.

Introducing Occult Skill Guide: Dispelling Ritual! This all-new occult ritual allows players and GMs to use Everybody Games's fan-favorite ritual spellcasting system to undo even the most terrible effects on their friends and allies. Even better, this new ritual is a 1st-level ritual whose effects scale depending on how well you do on your checks. But don't worry, even if you have a REALLY nasty effect to get rid of, our new rites of spellshatter well help you undo them. For a price….


OCcult Skill Guide: Devolution Corruption

Take your players down a few evolutionary notches with the latest addition to the Occult Skill Guide, Devolution Corruption! Based on countless pulp horrors across several generations, this terrifying new corruption causes its victim to slowly devolve as they indulge themselves upon their primal instincts, which are meticulously outlined within the product. Also included is an in-depth analysis on what devolution is and what it means for characters who contract it, as well as all of the manifestation fun that you've come to expect from these terrifying afflictions!


Occult Skill Guide: Sizechanging Rules

Since we started supporting Starfinder, one thing that our fans made abundantly clear is that they wanted us to ... shrink ... them? Well ... okay! New this week from Everyman Gaming, a new installment of the Occult Skill Guide that'll give all our fans that shrinking feeling they've been begging for: Occult Skill Guide: Sizechanging Rules is here!

Our most massive installment in the Occult Skill Guide to date, Sizechanging Rules is a whopping 45 pages long, and includes new size modifier rules for when creatures of different sizes collide, new size categories for Supercolossal and Ultrafine creatures, rules for using Supercolossal creatures as foes in Starship Combat, a trove of new items, from miniaturization weapons to artifact-level shrink rays, three new occult rituals, two new corruptions, and plenty of guidance to help you use all this content and more in your Starfinder adventures!


Occult Skill Guide: Restorative Ritual

It's publisher Alex Augunas's Birthday over at Everyman Gaming today, only this time HE'S got a present for YOU: an all-new installment in the popular Occult Skill Guide series! With Everyman Gaming's newest product, Occult Skill Guide: Restorative Ritual, you too can cast a potent spell for biomedically restoring even the most damaged creatures to health! This new occult ritual allows ritualists to magically program a series of potent drones designed to rebuild biomatter back to peak functioning from even the most devastating wounds. Also included are all the standard rules for casting and creating occult rituals, so you don't need ANY other products to make use of the ritual.


Occult Skill Guide: Actual Cannibal Corruption

🎼You're GMing Starfinder.
Your players abound and you need them dead.
In desperation, you purchase a product.
Cannibal corruption....

🎼You introduce an NPC
They're hungry for flesh.
The NPC takes a huge bite out of the ysoki.
They're squealing in pain.
That's when your players realize that you bought it.
Cannibal Corruption....

What's more terrifying then a foe who wants to slay the PCs? A foe that wants to slay them AND eat them (and not necessarily in that order). For the first time ever, you can spread the unholy hunger to players and NPCs alike with Occult Skill Guide: Actual Cannibal Corruption! This corruption causes characters to yearn for succulent flesh with such intensity that they do anything to claim it for themselves—whether wield an arsenal of deadly traps, recover from wounds simply by indulging in forbidden flesh, or surprisingly escaping death by virtue of hunger alone. The product also includes a new simple graft that allows GMs to transform NPCs of any sort into wendigos, as wendigos commonly cause and are created by cannibal corruption.


Occult Skill Guide: Blood Madness Corruption

You've spent years hearing about how terrible blood space is, and now your characters can finally succumb to its tainting effects in Everyman Gaming's latest product—Occult Skill Guide: Blood Madness Corruption! Within this Occult Skill Guide, you'll learn exactly what happens to you when you come into direct contact with the titular element from Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting: you get warped seemingly random demonic muations! This product includes 24 unique mutations that can befall your character, plus complete rules for how corruptions, a new type of affliction, work in Starfinder.


Occult Skill Guide: Cloning Ritual

Make more of your favorite Starfinder characters with this brand-new installment in Everyman Gaming's Occult Skill Guide series: Occult Skill Guide: Cloning Ritual! Using a combination of ritual magic and high science, this ritual allows you to create free-thinking replicas or empty vessels that are genetically identical to another character! Whether you use them to circumvent death, create an army of dopplegangers, create skinsuits, or simply have the best company money can buy, Occult Skill Guide: Cloning Ritual has everything you need to tell the high science stories you crave in the Starfinder RPG!


Occult Skill Guide: Classic COrruptions

Corrupt even the most innocent of PCs with Everyman Gaming's newest release—Occult Skill Guide: Classic Corruptions! Within you'll find an all-new system that reimagines corruptions as a Starfinder RPG affliction designed unpredictably corrupt players who indulge in their benefits for too long. This product includes a new corruption rules set and five new corruptions based on afflictions from popular media, such as decouplement, genewarping, psychometabolism, and more!


Occult Skill Guide: Rituals of Transformation

Tired of your mundane, mortal form? Looking for something a bit more … magical? Look no further than the first installment in Everyman Gaming’s latest series: Occult Skill Guide: Rituals of Transmogrification. In this volume, an all-new system for using and designing rituals is introduced, as well as five all-new rituals themed around changing characters in body, mind, or both. Sending your foes to the cleaners as clothing, stealing your enemies’ age or experience, roboticizing a rival into a mindless drone with the, and more are all possible with Occult Skill Guide: Rituals of Transformation!