Need a new token or miniature for your game? Or perhaps you just want to grab a brush and paint a miniature version of one of Everyman Gaming's Iconic characters? Whatever your reason, this 35mm miniature is 3D printed custom for you when ordered in high-definition black acrylate plastic, capturing all of the resplendent detail shown.

shira 4.jpg

Shira Flamescar Miniature

Tainted with a shadowy bloodline, Shira Flamescar is a kitsune ninja in the service of her people. Prowling the nighttime streets like a hungry predator, Shira is committed to subtly dispatching threats before disappearing back into the shadowa.


Taka'shi Tomoshiba Miniature

Heir to extraordinary arcane powers, Takashi Tomoshiba is a nine-tailed kyubi who sees himself as a paragon of kitsune potential. Prepared to employ a dizzying arsenal of arcane might against his foes, Takashi is a perfect miniature choice for any spellcasting kitsune character, especially those with multiple tails.


Kyrshin Yilenzo Miniature

Bold, resolute, and compassionate, Kyrshin Yilenzo is a kitsune swordsman of considerable skill. Ever ready to enter the fray, Kyrshin is the perfect miniature for any martial kitsune character, especially those willing to literally leap into action.