Rated #5 Third-Party Product of 2015 by Endzeitgeist.

Microsized Adventures

By Alexander Augunas

Cut your players down to size with Microsized Adventures, by Everyman Gaming, LLC. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying GameMicrosized Adventures gives GMs and players alike the tools they need to create adventures and campaigns from an ant’s point of view, whether the PCs want to mount an ant, scale a dog, or boldly flee from a lumbering toddler.

Microsized Adventures includes:

  • Rules for altering ordinary-sized creatures in size, transforming them into miniscule Microsized Characters or massive Macrosized Characters.
  • Rules for adjusting ordinary-sized pests and creatures into mighty threats.
  • Rules for adjusting combat to accommodate extremely small or extremely large creatures, such as by altering the amount of space conveyed by a square on the combat grid or determining how tiny creatures can make attacks of opportunity, flank, and more.
  • Two new combat maneuvers that anyone can use, the crush maneuver, which allows large creatures to stomp smaller foes flat, and the scale maneuver, which allows tiny creatures to climb up larger enemies in order to find the perfect vantage point from which to strike.
  • New archetypes and class options that utilize the new rules found in Microsized Adventures.
  • New artifacts, cursed items, and intelligent items that can act as the catalyst to a microsized adventure.
  • And much, much more!

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!


Endzeitgeist Says:

If the above was not ample clue for you – this is the type of book I review for. If I can get even one person out there to give this a shot, I’m happy. It’s that good. This book is an apex-level, innovative, awesome supplement and receives 5 stars + seal of approval, unsurprising status as a candidate for my Top Ten of 2015 and the EZG Essential-tag. Why the latter? Because in my games, the really big monsters should scare the living heck out of players and because, ultimately, I love the huge cosmos of options this unlocks. Perfect score and synergy with other publications to boot – I couldn’t complain about this wonderful pdf for the life of me. Have I mentioned the low price-tag? This is a steal if there ever was one! Do yourself a favor and get this NOW!

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