Files for Everybody

Look, we get it. Getting your closest friends and family together for a Tabletop RPG session is tough. Not only do you need to pick a system that everyone wants to play, but everybody needs to build characters that work well together, the GM needs to choose or create a perfect campaign pitch, and to top it all off you gotta find time where everyone can get together and game. It’s not easy! Which is why you need a publisher who knows how difficult it is to get everybody together and on the same page. That’s why you need Everybody Games.

Welcome to Files for Everybody, a Third-Party Pathfinder Second Edition product series brought to you by Everybody Games. We know how tough it is to get everybody together around the table, so we try to provide you exactly the content you need to keep everybody excited and invested in your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign. From new classes to class feats, archetypes to skill feats, spells to rituals, ancestries and monsters, and much more, Everybody Games has what you need to get everyone gaming! In Files for Everybody, each file focuses on a specific topic, whether it be new feats, a new class, a new ancestry, or something else entirely. We want it to be easy to navigate each File, and keep our content simple to use and rewarding to master. Regardless of topic, we believe that every issue in our Files for Everybody series is something special and wonderful, no matter how small, and hopefully after this issue you’ll feel the same!

~ Alexander Augunas

Publisher & Crunchmaster of Everybody Games



F4EB003 Divination Spells.png

Files for Everybody Issue 3: Divination Spells

As foretold by the augurs, Everybody Games is back with an all-new Pathfinder Second Edition product for you. Today's offerings are from legendary reviewer Thilo Graf AKA Endzeitgeist, and he's giving your characters a unique opportunity to glimpse what's to come in their campaigns with Files For Everybody: Divination Spells! In our 3rd issue, Thilo creates five brand-new divination spells that every caster will want at their disposal. Instant classics such as mirror sight, which allows you to create magic mirrors for quick peering around corners, and combat prescience, which allows your martially-inflicted allies to make Attacks of Opportunity, are sure to become must-haves in your character's arsenal! So stop divining for better spells—you won't find them anywhere but with Everybody Games!

F4EB002 Acrobatics Feats.png

Files for Everybody Issue 2: Acrobatics Feats

We at Everybody Games (as well as new author Dustin Knight) are flipping with excitement today, because we've got a new Pathfinder Second Edition product for y'all! Files for Everybody Issue 2, Acrobatics Feats is here!

With this brand-new product, you'll find an assortment of 10 all new Acrobatics skill feats that allow you to do everything from pounce on foes while you're falling to dance gracefully around traps to hang 10 on the open seas. We've even got a new Surfer background if you want to play a character who's from a culture that's been surfing on the open seas for generations!

F4EB001 Nashi.png

Files for Everybody Issue 1: Nashi

Pathfinder Second Edition is here, and Everybody Games is happy to introduce their first-ever product for this new system; the fan-favorite nashi ancestry!

What's a nashi? Why, they're an innovative group of raccoonfolk known for their unbashed and unrelenting march towards progress. Possessing an acute sense of touch and a general gumption unmatched by larger ancestral groups, the nashi have innovated and improved upon dozens of technologies, with firearms being their largest claim to fame. In Files for Everybody: Nashi, not only will you find a multi-page glossary of this new ancestry, but you'll also gain access to 10 heritages, over a dozen ancestry feats, a gunner alchemist research field and accompanying feats, a tanuki sorcerer bloodline, a tinker archetype for any class, and a new class of alchemical items: cartridges!