Everyman Unchained: Unchained Rage

By Alexander Augunas

Unleash your inner rage with the newest release from Everyman Gaming: Everyman Unchained: Unchained Rage. Perfect for GMs using the unchained barbarian, this product helps GMs apply the unchained rage mechanics with the following mechanics:

  • Unchained versions of the bloodrager and skald that are built off of the math-light versions of the unchained rage class feature.
  • Half a dozen rewritten rage-based feats from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • Unchained versions of the rage prophet and stalwart defender prestige class.
  • A handy sidebar to help GMs bring non-unchained rage powers into the hands of Unchained characters.
  • And more!


With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than one purchase away!


Endzeitgeist Says:

Though not as close as before – while only evident to the truly discerning and analytical eye, this pdf does, imho, more regarding design-prowess than previous installments in the series. What do I mean by this? Well, I’ve been developing quite a bunch of rules and cleaned up a significant array of crunch at this point. There is more to writing crunch that making things that work with the proper language – one also has to adhere to a certain aesthetic to maintain a sense of cohesion when applying fixes.
 This pdf does just that – while subdued and subtle, this pdf essentially takes some of the rather glaring holes generated by the new rules and fixes them – especially among the feats and PrCs, the accomplishment in design is more than apparent – the feats open up whole builds that have been hobbled by the new rules and as such should have been provided in Pathfinder Unchained. The very conservative application of minor fixes and streamlining of wordings of highly problematic base options further enhance the experience of making this, quite frankly, a must-have offering. This pdf is an achievement, but one that requires some thought and analysis to get why it’s this good – at one step beyond just conversions, this pdf constitutes a must-have purchase for ANY group that uses Pathfinder Unchained and represents one of the most subtly-impressive pdfs I’ve seen in quite a while. My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars + seal of approval.

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