Everyman Unchained: Skills and Options

By Alexander Augunas

Tinker with the rules of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game like never before with Everyman Unchained: Skills and Options! In Everyman Unchained: Skills and Options, you'll find:

  • An all-new skill system designed to increase the number of skill ranks available to characters without sacrificing versatility.
  • A reimagining of the Favored Class system that helps gives great bonuses to all characters, regardless of race.
  • Favored Class Options for a variety of races, including classics like humans and elves as well as more exotic characters such as aasimars, kitsune, and androids.
  • Three new variant multiclass options from three Third-Party companies: the Dragon Paragon, the Mystic (Amora Game), the Occultist (Radiance House), and the Technician (Radiance House).
  • And more!


With Everyman Gaming, innovation is only a purchase away!


Endzeitgeist Says:

The big question, then, would be how to rate this – and I’m somewhat at a loss. Usually, when I can’t decide, my group helps me shape my opinion – but my players are evenly divided. And I pretty much, as a reviewer, am likewise divided. Make no mistake – as a private person, I love tinkering options like this, where some complexity and choices reward smart planning. At the same time, I can understand disdain for what some might consider a needless complication. Ultimately, I decided to rate this according to its intention: How does it hold up as an alternative for the skill system for people looking for something different? After all, it makes no sense to rate a system down due to concerns of people who do not see a need for it in the first place and who’re content with the status quo – after all, why then get this pdf?
Well, this holds up better than the base-line provided by Pathfinder Unchained. And a similar conclusion can be drawn for the favored class options provided herein. And what more could I ask conceivably of such a small pdf? My final verdict will hence clock in at 5 stars.

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