Everyman Minis: Childhood Feats

3 EMM Childhood Feats.png

5 of 5 Stars from Endzeitgeist.

By Margherita Tramontan

For the Pathfinder RPG customer who wants a little more, Everyman Gaming is proud to introduce Everyman Minis! Uniting several high-quality Pathfinder RPG freelancers under a single product line, each week a different Everyman Gaming author or freelancer tackles an exciting new topic by creating a miniature product specially designed to scratch that product’s particular itch.

This installment of Everyman Minis includes: 1,000 words discussing new feats perfect for the young and the young at heart including new Child feats, first introduced in Everyman Gaming’s acclaimed Childhood Adventures, and two new story feats that any character, young or old, can gain.

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!


Endzeitgeist Says:

Margherita Tramontano delivers here. Impressively so. With only one feat that I consider “only” good, this pdf is bereft of filler material and manages to juggle complex concepts rather well. Sore Loser and Voce Bianca in particular made me smile from ear to ear. So yeah – flavorful, well-crafted, lacking any ability to cheese them – even with my exceedingly high standards for feats these days, I can’t complain here. My final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up for the purpose of this platform.


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