September 2017

Everyman Minis: Investigator Options

Have all the deductive skills your investigator needs to solve any case with Everyman Minis: Investigator Options! Within, you'll find two new archetypes (the far-shot sleuth and the freelance agent), several new investigator talents, and Inspired Objection, a new feat that allows investigators to use their inspiration to counter enemy skill checks and attacks.


Everyman Minis: Unchained Monk Options

Unleash your ultimate attacks with Everyman Minis: Unchained Monk Options! Featuring all-new style strike options and a new mechanic that'll have you screaming, "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" at your GM with every flurry, this product will unchained your monk like nothing before it, making you into a master of martial styles without equal.

32 EMM School Day Options.png

Everyman Minis: School Day Options

Go back to school in (fantastical) style with Everyman Minis: School Day Options! Whether you're a youngster living up your glory days in school or an adult whose formative years were spent in or around the classroom, Everyman Minis: School Day Options has what you need to go back to school in a world with demons, devils, and detention! 

31 EMM Injuries and Scars.png

Everyman Minis: Injuries and Scars

You wanna know how we got these scars (and injuries)? Author James Ballod, that's how! Designed for any GM who would rather maim than kill her PCs, Everyman Minis: Injuries and Scars offers a new subsystem for horrifically maiming characters whenever they drop to negative hit points, staving off death at the cost of having the scars to prove it!