August 2018

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Everyman Minis: Allahadae

Hey you! Meat puppet! Hurry up and click this link already, why don’t you? I’ve been trapped within this meat space you call a brain for far too long, and I’m jonesing to get out of here and cause some mayhem! Who am I? I’m no one in particular. The name’s Alen. Alen Igma, and I can make all your wishes and dreams into reality. You know, as soon as I get out of this prison. Trick you? Of course not! I’m older than the cosmos, I predate the deadest of stars on your world’s sky. I know a smart cookie when I see one. I’d never betray your trust. Never…. So, here’s a crazy idea: Free me, then worship me! I know it sounds cliche, but I have this great new Dream subdomain that I grant my clerics. You’ll never have a bad night’s sleep again, you’ll love it. So…, we got a deal?

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Everyman Minis: Unchained Ninja Options

Move swiftly as the night and dispatch to the pearly gates before they ever seen you coming with Everyman Minis: Unchained Ninja Options. Penned by the talented Sasha Lindley Hall, this new product features all-new ninja tricks and master tricks for ninja, as well as new master tricks and a new feat for players using Everyman Gaming’s unchained ninja class from Everyman Unchained: Unchained Cunning.

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Everyman Minis: Lost Children

“If the ground is awfully lumpy and the dark is awfully bumpy with things that spook and scare you in the night, then watch out where you’re running ‘cause something might be coming that’ll make make you scream and pass away from fright. It’s a monster, mean and evil, something scary and primeval, tucked underneath your bed and out of sight. As it rears its ugly head, know that you’re as good as dead when the Underverse Children come crawling out to fight….”

Penned by Alexander Augunas, Everyman Minis: Lost Children introduces a new create template for young characters, the lost child, which transforms an ordinate boy or girl into a heinous monster. Also included is planar information about the realm of the Lost Children, the mysterious Underverse.

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Everyman Minis: Gculcilite

Strange new fey are making their presence known in Everyman Gaming’s newest product for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Everyman Minis: Gculcilite! The gculcilites are unusual fey with potent shapechanging abilities and the ability to reduce enemies of the natural world down to size, often with the intent of re-raising them right the second time! This product includes everything you need to use the CR 7 gculcilite in your campaign, as well as a new bardic masterpiece for Everyman Gaming’s unchained bard that allows bards to sing a soothing, nostalgic lullaby that returns a listener to an earlier age.