July 2018

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Everyman Minis: Centaur Options

What’s got the torso, arms, and head of a humanoid and the body of a horse? Why, your next PC if you pick up the newest Everyman Mini from Everyman Gaming: Everyman Minis: Centaur Options! Penned by the esteemed Matt Morris, this new product includes updated centaur racial traits for playing centaur PCs, as well as an all-new centaur-themed archetype, new feats that make shooting and grappling on the go effortless, spells that allow you to transform your lower body into the body of a quadrupedal animal, and more!

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Everyman Minis: Microsized Monsters

Love Everyman Gaming’s Microsized Adventures? Need an unexpected way to shrink your players down to size? Fan-favorite author Matt Morris has the answer to your wants and desires in Everyman Minis: Microsized Monsters! Featuring three all-new monsters at a range of Challenge Ratings, this product adds plenty of new ways to diminish your party. Monsters featured in this product include the diminishing addler, whose venom shrinks its prey, a crystalline elemental that can shrink foes with focused light, and a mini mimic capable of miniaturing foes with strange powers and properties. Also included are new poisons and a new bardic masterpiece for Everyman Gaming’s Unchained Bard. So why wait? Get shrinking today!

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Everyman Minis: Vessel Passengers

All-new entities looking to inhabit your Pathfinder RPG characters' mortal coils are here in this week's new Everyman Mini! Penned by the esteemed David N. Ross, Everyman Minis: Vessel Passengers features three new otherworldly outsiders capable of acting as a passenger for your vessel characters. Included herein are the fey spirit passenger, the shinigami passenger, and the titan passenger! Whether wielding life, death, or the titanic power of the gods, this product has everything you need to make your vessels shine!

Note: This product requires the vessel class from Everyman Gaming's Paranormal Adventures product.

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Everyman Minis: Squishikins

Want to play the softest, warmest, squishiest PC at the party? Look no further than Everyman Minis: Squishikins! This delightful new production introduces a brand-new construct race for the Pathfinder RPG: squishikins! Completely customizable in appearance, your squishikin character can take the appearance of a stuffed animal, a plush doll, or even a toy version of another party member! Also includes are all-new player options perfectly suited for squishikin characters, and often available to other races.