March 2018

Everyman Minis: Kitsune Kineticist Options

It just wouldn't be a 2018 Everyman Gaming product log if we didn't do SOME kind of kitsune-themed product, would it? But plot twist! This product features the delightfully bombastic writings of fan-favorite author Clinton Boomer! Huzzah! Delve into the ramblings of gaming's favorite madcap as you explore an all-new kitsune archetype for kineticists: the chosen of the clan and new kineticist-themed feats like Blazing Fox Form, Kinetic Kyubi, Kinetic Shapechanger, and more. Trust us, you'll have a kinetic blast with this product!

57 EMM Magus Arcana.png

Everyman Minis: Magus Arcana

Master your magus with Everyman Gaming's latest mini: Magus Arcana! Written by the ever-wonderful Jen McTeague, this Everyman Mini includes over ten all-new magus arcana for magi who want to stand out from the crowd. Wield a battle asprilligum with unparalelled smiting skill, apply metamagic to your spells on the fly, shoot spells from your poisoned sand tube, or even combine your arcane pool's weapon-enhancing powers with other magus class features! Claim unprecedented power, with Everyman Minis: Magus Arcana!


Everyman Minis: Mysteries of Riddles

Secrets thousands of years old lay lurking with this week's Everyman Minis product, which is themed around the mysteries of puzzles and riddles. Written by author David Ross, Everyman Minis: Mysteries of Riddles features an all-new archetype for oracles themed around secrets and mysteries galore, especially those of dread sphnixes.

55 EMM Front Liner's Options.png

Everyman Minis: Front Liner Options

Take charge of your Pathfinder RPG experience with Everyman Minis: Front Liner Options. Featuring an awesome array of options for paladins, rangers, and anyone able to utilize combat feats, author Matt Morris offers unique, defensive paladin and ranger options, as well as a new Spiny Urchin combat style feat chain and plenty of other goodies! So don't be caught unawares—stand and face your foe at the front lines today!