October 2017

Everyman Minis: Pumpkin Kami 

It's that time of the year, when the nights creep in early and the moon hangs low in the sky! All sorts of monsters both ancient and terrible prowl the October nights, but this week in Everyman Minis, we instead offer a guardian: kabochahitos, kami who consider all harvest their ward. These powerful protectors can freely move from pumpkin to gourd as they please, and are known for their ability to transform ordinary pumpkins into a suit of corporeal pumpkin armor, and can even curse victims with costumed form!


Everyman Minis: Occultic Singularity Ritual

Everyman Gaming's back with another new frightfully wonderful occult ritual in Everyman Minis: Occultic Singularity Ritual. Penned by master of horror Clinton Boomer, this ritual provides GMs with everything they need to create a cult with a real "one of us" feel, including magical bindings and forced indoctrination!


Everyman Minis: Ghost Hunting Options

Grab the salt! When spirits are restless and the dead rise from their graves, you'll want Everyman Minis: Ghost Hunting Options by your side! Included within are new rules for identifying haunts using a variety of skills, plus class options for ghost hunters like the soul singer bard, a mess of new investigator talents, two new kineticist wild talents for dealing with ghosts and spirits, and even some new magic items. Don't be afraid of no ghosts! Buy Everyman Minis: Ghost Hunting Options today!