Dragon Companion Handbook

By Alexander Augunas

Rally draconic might to your cause with the Dragon Companion Handbook! From the designer who brought you the Pact Magic Unbound series and Guidance, the Dragon Companion Handbook gives even low-level characters the resources they need to use dragons as effective cohorts and companions. Within the Dragon Companion Handbook, you will find:

  • 25 separate 0 Hit Die subraces of dragons that are suitable to recruit as cohorts for leadership-inclined characters.
  • The dragon paragon, a new 20-level base class that allows dragon characters to gain the special powers of their kind scaled at an appropriate rate for a player character.
  • 25 new dragon companions that druids, cavaliers, and virtually any other character with an animal companion or special mount can bond with and enhance using the new Draconic Companion and Draconic Companion Mastery feats.
  • 5 pages of feats to support and enhance dragon companions and characters of any sept.
  • And much, much more!

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Endzeitgeist Says:

Alexander Augunas’ Dragon Companion Handbook is one of those pdfs I dread – so much math, so many numbers. Making such a book must have been capital “W” work – and yet, this book breathes a very fresh and light spirit – surprisingly, this book feels very much easy to use, easy to grasp and balanced in an almost uncanny way. The companions herein work, mainly because they do not claim to be anything else – The dragonrider and dracomancer balanced the dragon via action economy; In the company of dragons did so via essentially radically redesigning the whole concept. Both succeeded in interesting ways. The Dragon Companion Handbook also succeeds in this endeavor by focusing on its design-goal. And yes, the book goes a step beyond and theoretically does allow for the full-blown super-high-power gameplay of these as characters, if that’s the campaign you are going for; heck, even for low-level games, the linear codification of draconic abilities may allow for a finer grained way of balancing draconic adversaries to make them viable adversaries when vanilla bestiary dragons would be too much; one could conceivably even use the rules herein to create dragon/class/race-hybrids for adversaries.
Let me state that flat-out – I can’t find fault with this book. For me, as a person, this book is 4 stars due to the reason that I just can’t get myself to like the very concept this book caters to – dragons, to me, are the big, bad movers and shakers, not the adventuring pets, no matter how good or organic the rationale may be. As a reviewer, though, I have to admit the elegance of the design herein, the smooth flow of…everything and of course, the fact that this book triumphantly succeeds at what it sets out to do, including taking the intangible, non-math benefits into account, which I elaborated upon in “In the Company of Dragons“‘s review. Which brings me to the point – the synergy is the final, shining star here, the last viable means of complaint I could have offered – and it is eliminated on the very first page. As a reviewer, I have to rate this 5 stars -and even if you’re like me and loathe the concept, the scavenging of mechanics still renders this an excellent purchase, well-worth of your hard-earned bucks.

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