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Pathfinder Second Edition is chock-full of feats, and Everybody Games is here to help you keep them all in the palm of your hand with their all-new Cards for Everybody decks! Each Cards for Everybody deck is designed to give you references for your favorite Pathfinder Second Edition feats, organized in a way that’s fun and organic.

This Cards for Everybody Deck includes every feat available to the fighter class in the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook! This provides a total of 98 cards, including a card for each multiclass archetype feat AND a card for tracking fighter resources. 

Get everyone gaming with Everybody Games!


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Cards For Everybody: Core Fighter Feats

You've found the second path, but now you need a guide! Introducing Cards for Everybody, a new series of Print-On-Demand cards that are the perfect accessory for your Pathfinder Second Edition adventures. Our first release is the Core Fighter Deck, a set of 98 beautifully illustrated cards that each possess the rules text for a specific Core Fighter feat, including Multiclass Archetype feats!

Our feat cards are printed on -quality card stock in glorious full color, and include a series of "tracker cards" for tracking your Hit Points, Hero Points, and just about anything else that needs tracking.